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Driving Safety Forward: Unveiling Ms. Carita SafeTruck’s Latest Innovations for the Heavy-Duty Industry

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Product Information

Semi-Custom Tow Hook Oversize Load Banners, OUT-OF-SERVICE Flags with Bungees, Bolt-On Swift Mount Heavy Duty Flag Brackets, and Reflective Trailer Corner Markers

Ms. Carita New Products 2024

Navigating the highways of Heavy-Duty Trucking demands unwavering commitment to safety. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Ms. Carita SafeTruck has been at the forefront of producing top-tier safety products. Today, we are proud to announce four groundbreaking additions to our line—innovations tailored to empower truck drivers, ease the responsibilities of fleet managers, and provide distributors with innovative solutions.

Product #1: Semi-Custom Tow Hook OVERSIZE LOAD Banners

semi-custom tow hook banners and a picture of a power unit using a tow hook banner

New Semi-Custom Tow Hook Banners

All new Semi-Custom Tow Hook Banners have a reinforced 6” x 12” hole for fitting around the tow hook on the front bumper of your power unit. Available in two sizes, with three materials, and two different messages, so you can get the right one for your application. Made with the same care and having the same quality we are known for through the last 50 years of American craftsmanship. These banners are Made in USA.

mesh, vinyl, hi-reflective tow hook banners

New Tow Hook Banners – 3 materials, 2 messages, 2 sizes to choose from



  • Reinforced 6” x 12” hole
  • Available in two sizes, with three materials, and two messages
  • #5 toothed Grommets set with 90 lbs. of pressure
  • Reinforced Double Stitching
  • High-quality printing, ink does not bleed through
  • Made in the USA

Product #2: OUT-OF-SERVICE Flags with Bungees

OUT-OF-SERVICE Flag with Bungee

OUT-OF-SERVICE Flag with Bungee


Introducing our OUT-OF-SERVICE Flags with Bungees—an 18” fluorescent orange knit polyester flag, meticulously double needle stitched for unparalleled strength. Paired with a heavy-duty 3/8” bungee, these flags ensure a secure fit and longevity. The high-quality printing, designed not to bleed through, guarantees visibility and durability.

Crafted in the USA, these flags offer the benefits of effortless trailer marking and a crucial deterrent, preventing accidental hook-ups to an out-of-service trailer. Stay safe with these meticulously crafted flags, designed to meet the highest standards in the industry.


  • 18” Fluorescent orange knit polyester flag
  • Black lettering
  • Double needle stitched for strength
  • Heavy duty 3/8” bungee
  • High quality printing, ink does not bleed through
  • Made in USA

Product #3: All New Bolt-On Swift Mount Heavy Duty Flag Brackets

Swift-Mount Heavy Duty Flag Brackets mounted on a trailer with two flags

Swift-Mount Heavy Duty Flag Brackets

Discover convenience with our Swift Mount Heavy Duty Flag Brackets. These brackets are designed for easy installation—use your own sheet metal screws and permanently mount them to your trailer, bumper, or any desired location.

Finished with a durable black powder coating, these brackets not only provide a sleek appearance but also withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. Specifically crafted to work seamlessly with Ms. Carita SafeTruck Staff Flags, they feature a 1” OD tube that accommodates all standard staff diameters.

The inclusion of thumbscrews ensures a secure grip, offering you the flexibility to determine the ideal placement for your staff flags. Packaged in blister packs for added convenience, these brackets redefine the ease and efficiency of displaying safety flags, allowing you to prioritize safety on every journey.


  • Use your own sheet metal screws for installation
  • Finished with durable black powder coating
  • Works great with Ms. Carita SafeTruck Staff Flags
  • Includes thumbscrews to secure flag
  • 1” OD Tube – accepts all standard staff diameters

Product #4: Reflective Trailer Corner Markers

Reflective Trailer Corner Markers and the rear door of a box truck with the corner markers

Reflective Trailer Corner Markers

Mark your trailers with our Reflective Trailer Corner Markers, a game-changing addition to your safety toolkit. Crafted with a smooth, flat exterior film housing with retro-reflective elements embedded beneath, these markers ensure heightened visibility on the road.

Measuring 2” W x 12” L, these markers boast a 5-year durability, providing long-lasting effectiveness in various driving conditions. Conforming to DOT-C2 standards, these reflective markers add an extra layer of assurance during nighttime travel.

Prioritize safety without compromise—choose Ms. Carita SafeTruck’s Reflective Trailer Corner Markers for enhanced visibility.


  • Smooth, flat, exterior film with retro-reflective elements embedded beneath the film
  • 2” W x 12” L
  • 5-year durability
  • Conforms to DOT-C2
ms. carita safetruck team standing near the doors to the safetruck facility in Verdi, NV

Ms. Carita SafeTruck Team – Verdi, NV

In our commitment to your safety and ease of use, these products are crafted to meet the highest standards in the industry. Find our products at Better Dealers Deliberately.

Bigger. Stronger. Safer

Ms. Carita SafeTruck

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