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Celebrating our 50 Year Anniversary, Ms.Carita SafeTruck is the leader in quality Oversize Load products including Signs, Banners and Safety Flags. We offer the widest variety of Oversize Load products with the best quality of any nationally distributed line in the market today, as well as more than 650 quality safety products for the professional trucker. All of our Heavy Haul Oversize Load / Wide Load products and our extensive line of Truck Safety Flags are proudly made in Reno, Nevada, USA. In fact, 79% of everything we offer is made in the USA.

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Reflective Banner

Reflective Banners

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Oversize Load Signs

Pallet Jack Stop

Pallet Jack Stop

FoxFire® Light

FoxFire® Lights

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Bungee Safety Flags

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Banner Mounting Systems



Wire Loop Flags

Wire Loop Safety Flags

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