Annual Inspection Form W/Decal

The Record of Annual Inspection with Decal attached. The decal is 4" x 2½" and the form is 8½" x 11". Both form and decal are sequentially numbered. This vehicle maintenance record of annual inspection form is sold per pack of 10.


Vehicle Inspection Log Book

The Vehicle Inspection Report book enables compliance with 49 CFR Part 396.11, which requires drivers of commercial vehicles to prepare daily reports listing defects or deficiencies that may affect safe operation. The Truck Driver Inspection book also provides a handy checklist of the major vehicle components and safety accessories, with more space for verification of repairs. Each book contains 31 (one month’s supply) 3-part set of 8½" x 5½" forms, plus carbons.
P/N: MSVIR-100


Driver’s Daily Log Book

Commercial motor vehicle drivers must record their duty status for each 24-hour period on a daily log (49 CFR 395.8). This book comes with 31 daily logs printed on the front side of the page and standardized vehicle inspection reports on the back, plus a daily summary to calculate hours available. Logs and reports are printed in red ink to make your entries easy to read. Book format: 8½" x 5½", 2-ply with carbon.
P/N: MSLOG-001

Also Available: Loose Leaf Log Pages: 100 Per pack.
P/N: MSLOG-007

Log Books
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