March 2015 Contest Winner

Winning Photo
Winning Photo


Congratulations to Jonas Borntrager, driver for Caldwell Farms, Inc. located in Garnett, Kansas. Caldwell Farms and Mr. Borntrager are SafeTruck’s March 2015 Oversize Load Contest Winner!

Caldwell Farms transports agriculture equipment to farm operations throughout three regions in Kansas. Mr. Borntrager told us that the winning pictures are a John Deer crop sprayer and water tank. The water is the carrier for the concentrated chemical. Both are mixed together in the 800 gallon tank on the crop sprayer for distribution over the crops. Based on the amount of water, number of chemicals and fertilizer hauled, overall weight for the haul can be up to 95,000 pounds. Total DIMS for the truck with water tank and trailer with crop sprayer was 66 ft. long, 14 ft. high and 12 ft. wide with the expandable trailer at its widest point. Transport to the fields typically covers 30 to 40 miles, driving on gravel roads and on one particular route a short, old wood bridge that has a weight capacity of 5 tons. Mr. Borntrager said on that bridge he does not stop!

Mr. Borntrager said this was the first OSL banners and flags used by Caldwell Farms. They had attended a seminar on trucking safety and decided it would be beneficial to have OSL banners and flags on their hauls, so they purchased their SafeTruck products from TRUCKNTOW.COM. Mr. Borntrager found the contest entry form with the SafeTruck banner, so he put the banners and flags on his haul, took his pictures and entered our contest.

Congratulations to Caldwell Farms, Inc. and Jonas Borntrager…. and thank you for sharing your successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck OSL banners and flags!

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