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Driver Steve Welton, who hauls for Legacy Transportation Services, a United Van Lines Agency out of San Jose California recently completed a journey that originated in Austria where this 40'Lx15'10"Wx15'10"H Satellite Enclosure weighing 35,000 pounds was shipped to the Port of Houston where Steve picked it up to transport to Moffett Field in Sunnyvale California. The trip started out with finding a new way out of the port as the size of the load was bigger than the entry/exit gates. From there Steve had a Pole Car and Chase Vehicle escorting him during the journey. Restricted to daylight hours and no weekend travel, he made the delivery to Hangar 3 in five days. The actual satellite components are going to be installed bringing the weight to over 100,000 pounds for the next leg of the journey to space. Legacy uses SafeTruck Flags & Banners for all its safety transport needs purchasing their equipment from Specialty Truck Parts in San Jose.

Congratulations Steve Welton for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!

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