Safety Signs

Safezone Series Sign Legends and Overlays

All SafeZone Series Signs are made of premium state of the art materials. We offer our new fade resistant mesh, which is a daytime only product as well as 3M High Intensity reflective material for night time. Corner Pockets come standard on each sign along with a heavy-duty polyglass sign frame, anti-kiting device, hook and loop tie strap for storage. All SafeZone Series roll-up signs conform to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and are NCHRP-350 tested and certified.

P/N's Vinyl: 36VINYL, Mesh: 36MESH, Reflective: 363MREFL

A0010 Arrow (Reversible) M0451 Merge Right Symbol U0895 Utility Construction Ahead
B0000 Blank Material (No Legend) M0452 Merge Left/Right Symbol (Combo) U0896 Utility Construction 500 ft.
B0025 Border Only M0460 Mowers Ahead U0897 Utility Construction 1000 ft.
B0055 Be Prepared To Stop M0470 Mowing Ahead U0898 Utility Construction 1500 ft.
B0070 Behind Mowing Zone O0500 One Lane Closed Ahead U0915 Utility Work Ahead
B0090 Bump Ahead O0510 One Lane Road Ahead U0916 Utility Work 500 ft.
C0120 Child Safety Seat Check Ahead R0600 Right Lane Closed Ahead U0917 Utility Work 1000 ft.
C0150 Construction Ahead R0610 Right Shoulder Closed U0918 Utillity Work 1500 ft.
D0180 Detour Ahead R0629 Road Closed W0945 Work Area Ahead
E0195 End Construction R0630 Road Closed Ahead W0961 Workers Ahead
E0215 End Mowing Zone R0635 Road Construction Ahead W0975 Workers Symbol
E0225 End Road Zone R0646 Road Construction 500 ft. 500 500 ft. (Overlay)
E0235 End Utility Work RP647 Road Construction 1000 ft. 1000 1000 ft. (Overlay)
F0275 Flagger Ahead R0648 Road Construction 1500 ft. 1500 1500 ft. (Overlay)
F0305 Flagger Symbol R0675 Road Work Ahead 2000 2000 ft. (Overlay)
F0320 Flagman Ahead R0676 Road Work Ahead 500 ft. 1/4 1/4 (Overlay)
F0330 Free Car Seat Check R0677 Road Work Ahead 1000 ft. 1/2 1/2 (Overlay)
F0335 Fresh Oil R0678 Road Work Ahead 1500 ft. 3/4 3/4 (Overlay)
L0350 Lane Closed Ahead S0690 Shoulder Work Ahead 1 Mile 1 Mile (Overlay)
L0380 Lane Ends Merge Left S0725 Street Closed One One (Overlay)
L0385 Left Lane Closed Ahead S0726 Street Closed Ahead Left Left (Overlay)
L0395 Litter Pick Up Ahead S0765 Survey Crew Ahead Right Right (Overlay)
M0425 Men Working T0825 Tree Work Ahead Center Center (Overlay)
M0450 Merge Left Symbol T0865 Trucks Entering Highway Rev. Arr Arrow (Overlay)
Bar Bar (Overlay For Left / Right Merge)

SafeZone Series Sign Stands

SafeZone Series Sign Stands are lightweight and require minimum space in your vehicle. They are easy to carry for setup and deployment of your roll-up signs. All SafeZone Series Sign Stands feature Non-Skid Rubber Feet, Telescopic Legs, Pull Pin/Kick release levers, Auto-Latch Brackets, and are NCHRP350 Approved.

SafeZone Series SZ-412 Springless Sign Stand

The SafeZone Series SZ-412 is a super lightweight compact springless sign stand for use with roll-up signs. Easy to use and easy to store, it’s single sign attachment point allows for quick deployment in the field. Telescopic legs with both pull pin and kick release levers can be released by hand or foot for fast set-up. Legs have three height adjustments for use on uneven terrain, making it easy to setup along right of ways and medians. The right choice for Utility Companies, DOT’s, City and County Governments or anyone working along secondary roads or inner city streets.

SafeZone Series SZ-412-S Spring-Loaded Sign Stand

The SafeZone Series SZ-412-S is the single spring-loaded version of our popular SZ-412. The single coil spring adds extra weight and redundancy to compensate for increased wind loads. The SZ-412-S is primarily used along the sides of state highways and interstates where wind loads are greater and more frequent.

Pull Pin/Kick release levers

The dual Pull Pin/Kick Release lever allows each leg to be deployed by either pulling the pin by hand or by stepping on the kick release.

Auto-Latch Bracket

Patented corner pocket snaps quickly into Auto-Latch. The easy release lever makes it simple to remove the sign. The Auto-Latch Bracket is standard on all of our Sign Stands except when Universal Bracket is requested.

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