Ez Stepper / Pin Pullers / Tandem Axle Stop

The Ez Stepper

Easy to Use, Climb and Store!

Specifications and Benefits:

  • Fits all major truck tires
  • Lightweight at 15 lbs
  • Dimensions: 24" (W) x 25" (H) x 2" (D)
  • Maximum capacity of 400 Ibs
  • All steel construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • 3 steps with safe non-slip tread
  • Folds out and up in seconds making it ready to use, easy to store and transport
  • Easily get to hard to reach windows and flatbeds
  • Designed by the trucker for the trucker!
  • P/N: TL400
Ez Stepper

The Ultimate Fifth Wheel Pin Pullers!


Ergo Hook

Large and small fleets all want to improve productivity and reduce injuries. These innovative products make pulling the 5th wheel handle a snap.

Ergo Hook

The newly redesigned MST106 31"Ergo Hook31" helps to reduce the risk of injuries by evenly distributing the force needed from just the shoulder to the entire trunk of the body.

At 31" fully extended, this hook allows for easy access without having to duck under the trailer and be exposed to grease and dirt. The MST106 also collapses down to 18.5" for easy storage and convenience.

No Reaching, No Bending, Ne Grease, No Pain

Safetruck Pin Pullers

  • Solid steel construction
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Powdercoated black

Hammer Hook
32" Long, Not Collapsable.


Tandem Axle Stop

This tool is designed specifically for adjusting your tandem axles. The Tandem Axle Stop fits both old and new suspension types so it’s ideal for the fleet driver who pulls a different trailer every day. The double ends also act as a counter balance to keep it firmly in place while sliding the frame to the desired location.
P/N: MST110

Getting it right the first time, every time
Adjusting your tandems without a spotter
Guessing where to stop while adjusting your tandems at the scales or for tight curvy roads
Climbing in and out of your rig multiple times for each adjustment
Both 1.5” and 1.75” frame holes

How it works:

  1. Release and latch the tandem retaining pin lever
  2. Place the Tandem Axle Stop in the hole next to where you want the tandem retainer pins to catch
  3. Lock your trailer brakes
  4. Pull forward or reverse until the tandems hit the Tandem Axle Stop
  5. Ease pressure off the Tandem Axle Stop just a little so it is easier to remove
  6. Unlatch and reset the tandem retaining pin lever, locking in the pins
  7. Remove the Tandem Axle Stop and go
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