MAX-DUTY 18” Flag – Single Corner Grommet

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MAX-DUTY 18” Flag – Single Corner Grommet:

  • Install with single flag magnet.
  • Won’t scratch or chip equipment.
  • SUPER High-Strength Flag material – new Textilene® Mesh. High-speed durability.
  • Highly Reflective & durable edge-binding.
  • Fluorescent Orange only.

This is the latest addition to the Max-Duty family of 18" flags - the single-grommet version.  First-off, the Max-Duty flags are a new generation of safety flag - they are more durable and more visible than other flags.  They incorporate a unique new fluorescent orange Textilene material which is a severe-duty type of mesh design, and then we sew a highly reflective white edge binding to them.  The edge binding is not only very reflective, it is the most durable edge-binding we've ever seen.  Then the single grommet - the flag is secured at one point either by tying, or using a flag magnet.  When going down the road, there's nothing to whip around & scratch or chip what you are secured to because there is nothing else on the flag that can do any damage.  Our Max-Duty flags are by far the flags of choice by truckers at the Mid-America Truck Show 2-years running.  Last year, we built a bunch of these single-grommet versions to see how well they went over & they were a huge hit.  Now, they are a regular part of our line.