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  • EPDM Rubber Tarp Straps
  • 100% EPDM Synthetic Rubber Polymer
  • Available Lengths: 9”, 15”, 21”, 31”, 41”

Tarp Straps are designed for restraining tarp covers on flatbed trailers. SafeTruck tarp straps are made from 100% EPDM synthetic rubber polymer and have heavy steel hooks. Of note though, tarp straps should not be used for restraining or securing cargo. No tarp straps should be used if they are cut, cracked or the hooks are bent, damaged, or corroded. Sudden rupture or sudden disconnection while in the stretched position may cause serious personal injury. Eye protection should be required when using the tarp straps.

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Weight 0.40 lbs
Dimensions 3.38 × 8.50 × 1.00 in