• 18” x 18” fluorescent orange flag
  • Fray resistant knit polyester jersey
  • Has two large #5 toothed grommets
  • Reinforcement material at hemmed end
  • Attach with bungees, rope, or flag-mags
  • Best flag for the serious heavy hauler
  • Made in the USA

When it comes to grommet flags, you won’t find any on the market today that exceeds our quality and durability. Our 18” x 18” heavy high visibility, fluorescent orange flags are made out of fray resistant knit polyester jersey material. We sew reinforcement material into the hemmed end with double needle stitching for strength and then set two large #5 toothed grommets at 90 psi into the flag. Grommet flags are versatile enough to attach to a load with bungees, rope, or flag-mags. This is the best flag for the serious heavy hauler. Bigger. Stronger. Safer. Ms. Carita SafeTruck.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 18.25 × 1.50 × 1.50 in