• 14” x 14” x 10” dimensions for placards (does not include Placard Holder)
  • Included hazmat placards: Dangerous Flammable Gas 2; Poison 6; Non-Flammable Gas 2; Corrosive 8; Flammable Liquid 3; Oxidizer 5.1; Organic Peroxide 5.2; Explosive 1.4; Spontaneously Combustible 4; Flammable Solid 4; Inhalation Hazard 6; Dangerous When Wet 4; Blasting Agents 1.5D; Miscellaneous 9; PG III; Inhalation Hazard 2; Blank Panel

This full frame placard system for trucks includes 17 placards panels in a single split-frame. The frame is constructed of corrosion-resistant fully formed rigid aluminum. Even under the toughest road conditions this hazmat placard system provides superior durability. Self-contained placard panels are constructed of aluminum alloy, and panels lock in place with 4 double-riveted stainless steel pressure fasteners. Changing DOT placards when your load changes is as easy as the flip of a panel. This system eliminates the hassle and expense of replacing placards so DOT compliance is at your fingertips. Bigger. Stronger. Safer. Ms. Carita SafeTruck.

Additional information

Weight 5.50 lbs
Dimensions 13.75 × 13.75 × 1.00 in