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  • 12” x 72” OVERSIZE LOAD mesh banner
  • 8” black letters
  • Safety yellow vinyl mesh material with a black border
  • Six large #5 toothed grommets
  • Double needle stitched black edge binding
  • Allows 30% air flow
  • Meets Arizona state requirements
  • Made in the USA

We’ve been making truck safety signs and banners for over 50 years. As One of SafeTruck's legacy truck safety products, this 12” x 72” OVERSIZE LOAD mesh banner with border is made out of 9 oz. vinyl coated polyester scrim with double needle stitched black edge binding on the top and bottom. With 12 yarns per square inch, this material provides that needed strength and high visibility yet still allows a 30% air flow for less wind resistance. The 8” black lettering and border printed on a safety yellow background. Lastly, we set in six large #5 toothed grommets with 90 lbs of pressure for attaching it to your truck or trailer. This American Made mesh banner will last miles on the road while you move that Oversize Load. You'll look good doing it too. Made for our Arizona truckers as this banner meets Arizona sign requirements. Bigger. Stronger. Safer. Ms. Carita SafeTruck.

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Weight 0.60 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 × 2.38 × 2.38 in