12″ x 72″ WIDE LOAD Two Sided Reflective Aluminum Sign

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  • 12” x 72” High intensity reflective two-sided WIDE LOAD sign
  • Made from 0.090” premium quality aluminum
  • 10” black letters
  • High Intensity Reflective Material
  • Perfect for low light or night conditions
  • Made in the USA

For over 50 years, we’ve been making Wide Load signs and through that experience we’ve seen the need for different styles. Depending on what you are hauling, our truck safety signs come in a variety of sizes and features to keep you and others safe and within code for your OD heavy haul. This 12" x 72" WIDE LOAD two sided reflective aluminum sign is made from 0.090” premium quality aluminum with 10” black letters on a safety yellow background. The retro-reflective material on the sign provides a high intensity reflective feature which is perfect for moving equipment at night or low light conditions. Made in the USA. Bigger. Stronger. Safer. Ms. Carita SafeTruck.

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Weight 7.90 lbs
Dimensions 72.00 × 12.00 × 0.40 in