Sam McAllister, President/CEO of GreyEagle, Inc. is SafeTruck’s oversize load winner for November 2011. For over 4 months, Mr. McAllister hauled Siemen’s wind blades from Fort Madison, IA to a wind farm in DeKalb, IL. Each blade is 49 meters long and weighs 34,000 pounds. With a load of this magnitude, the DIMS were at an extra legal size of 14′ 11″ wide, 14′ 11″ high and 165 feet long. Mr. McAllister purchases his SafeTruck products at many distributors across the country and uses SafeTruck oversize banners and flags for hauling his OD loads to ensure safe travel between states.

Congratulations Sam McAllister for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!