Driver Paul Norris recently handled a project for Legacy Transportation of San Jose California when they were contracted by the University of Missouri out of Rolla, Missouri to haul their oversize solar house to the bi-annual Solar Decathlon held on the mall in our nation’s capital. This event brought together 20 universities from around the world for a 21 day competition on design and efficient use of the sun to power these custom built houses which were transported to the mall and erected on site.

Many houses were dismantled into pieces to be reassembled in Washington D.C., while Paul’s load was a single piece of fully assembled house. The size (oversize) load was 50’ long x 16’ wide and 12’ high, requiring special routing with escorts and limited hours of operation. With strict limitations to access the capital, drivers were escorted by local police late at night for the last 5 miles to destination. Paul was first in line for delivery and was asked to do the midnight “ribbon cutting” to open the event by driving his rig through the tape to enter the mall. Each team had 10 days to set up, a week of competition and a 3 days move out, and Paul was able to safely return the house to the University where it is now a permanent building on campus for use by the students.

Congratulations Paul Norris for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!