Congratulations to Michael Candee of Round Mountain, Nevada – SafeTruck’s April 2013 Oversize Load Winner! Mr. Candee is the Operator for Candee Farms, located in Fallon, Nevada.

Mr. Candee’s winning OSL picture is his Pilot truck used by Candee Farms when delivering a John Deere 4995 Self-Propelled Windrower from Fallon, NV to Smoky Valley, NV, approximately 160 miles. The Windrower is used to cut forage crops and weighs approximately 10,500 pounds. For this type of short haul, the header was removed, which reduced the width from 16’ to 13.5’, eliminating the requirement of 2 pilot cars and Nevada highway patrol escort for loads over 14’ wide. The Windrower machine was hauled on a semi-truck and the header was hauled on a flatbed pulled by a pickup. The DIMs for the header haul was 17’ long, 13.5’ wide and 10.5’ high.

For this haul, Mr. Candee’s Pilot truck used a SafeTruck 12” x 72” Oversize Load vinyl grommet banner, two flo-orange staff flags and “lots of bright flashing lights”. The haul truck had two SafeTruck 18” x 84” Oversize Load vinyl banners and four red mesh flags. Mr. Candee purchases his SafeTruck products through Napa Auto Parts.

Congratulations Michael Candee for many successful heavy haul trips utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!