Congratulations to Matt Melcher, SafeTruck’s October 2012 Oversize Load Winner! Mr. Melcher is the Dispatcher for C Stephan Trucking, Inc. of Roanoke, Indiana and submitted the following pictures of C Stephan Trucking OSL hauls. C Stephan Trucking specializes in hauling construction equipment and other machinery.

Picture 1 (left): C Stephan Trucking driver is Mac Gray hauling a new John Deere 9560R tractor from the John Deere tractor plant in Waterloo, Iowa to a John Deere dealer in Kentucky. DIMs on Mr. Gray’s load were 75′ long and 10′ wide. SafeTruck products used on this load were a 18″ X 84″ mesh oversize banner, red wire flags on magnets and red staff flags mounted at rear of trailer and on the front bumper of truck.

Pictures 2 & 3 (middle & right): Bill Adkins is the C Stephan Trucking driver hauling a new John Deere 350 excavator with a drill attachment. Gross weight was 140,000 pounds and DIMs were 84′ long, 13′ 10″ tall and 11′ 2″ wide. The drill attachment was installed on the excavator then loaded on the trailer in Bluffton, Indiana at Nesco Equipment. Mr. Adkins drove it to the nearest set of certified scales to have it weighed and then took it back to Nesco Equipment so they could record the accurate weight information in their rental literature. SafeTruck red wire flags with magnets were used on the excavator’s widest points and on the overhang at rear of the load.

C Stephan Trucking buys all of their SafeTruck products at Truck Pro in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They primarily use SafeTruck’s 18″ X 84″ mesh oversize load banners with 12″ letters, red wire flags, flag magnets and red staff flags on their OSL hauls.

Congratulations Matt Melcher and the C Stephan Trucking crew for many successful heavy haul trips utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!