Oles MacKenzie of Q Trucking Company out of Nome, Alaska sent in this months Oversize Load of the month winning picture. They transported a Manitowok 4000W Crane Body from a Mine just outside of Nome, Alaska to the Port of Nome to be shipped out for another job. This specific crane weighed in at 80 ton. Dimensions 22’ Wide x 17’ High. Total length from the Front Bumper to the back of the lowboy was 78.5’ long. Ole says this is one of only three paved roads in the Nome area, so it was a piece of cake….unless you were trying to pass them of course. Q Trucking buys their SafeTruck banners and safety gear from SIX ROBBLEES – ANCHORAGE Alaska.

Congratulations Oles MacKenzie for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!