SafeTruck’s first winner of 2012 is Louis Broussard of L3S INC in Lafayette, LA. The January oversize load picture was an oil derrick that he moved from around Dekalb, TX to a location near Buna, TX. The load was 13′ 4″ wide, 13′ tall and 100′ long (overall), and the derrick weighed 55,000 lbs for a total weight of 93,100 lbs. It was hauled on a 2008 Manac stretch float hooked up to a 1997 Volvo with a 13 speed, Detroit Diesel Series 60 (475HP) engine. SafeTruck vinyl oversize banners were attached on the front and back.

Mid-South Truck Equipment in Broussard, LA is where Mr. Broussard purchases his SafeTruck products as well as 99% of his other parts and supplies. Mr. Broussard states, “I find the Ms. Carita SafeTruck banners to be VERY durable and would not use any other brand. I have never lost a Ms. Carita SafeTruck banner from the eyelets giving way nor have any banners ripped. I just discontinued use of two banners whichwere getting faded from 8 years of use … I haul many oversize loads.”

Congratulations Louis Broussard for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!