Congratulations to Kevin Defenbaugh of Manville, IL. He is SafeTruck’s July 2012 Oversize Load winner. Mr. Defenbaugh submitted photos of two concrete I-beam loads delivered within Illinois.

The first photo (left) is an 86 feet long, 72 inch tall concrete I-beam for a bridge deck. The haul weighed in at 70,000 pounds and was driven over 160 miles from Blackstone, IL to Effingham, IL.

The second photo (right) is a 86,000 pound concrete I-beam, measuring 107 feet long and 72 inches tall. Mr. Defenbaugh transported this load approximately 50 miles from Blackstone to Joliet, IL.

Mr. Defenbaugh drives for Brian Defenbaugh. The Defenbaugh crew purchase SafeTruck OSL banners and flags to use on their trucks and escort vehicles through CIT Kenworth of Peru, Illinois.

Congratulations Kevin Defenbaugh for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!