Congratulations to Eric Deptula of Port Edwards, Wisconsin… he is SafeTruck’s March 2014 SafeTruck Oversize Load Winner! Mr. Deptula’s winning entry is three separate hauls.

Haul #1: This entry is a 45 ton train locomotive transported approximately 471 miles from Dexter, WI to Plymouth, OH to be refurbished. The gross weight of the haul was 180,000 and DIMS were 110’ long, 1.5’ wide and 14’ tall.

Haul #2: Mr. Deputal donated his truck and time to pull his daughter’s Girl Scout Troop’s float in the Wisconsin Rapid’s Cranberry Blossom Festival parade. His truck is a T800 Kenworth, Quad-Axle with a Fifth Wheel. Out of respect to our young Girl Scouts….we’ll pass on reporting the DIMS and weight!

Haul #3: This haul was a local move of a transformer. Mr. Deputal was requested by the energy company to move the transformer from the west side of Janesville, WI to the east side of town. He used his T800 Kenworth with an 85 ton Trail King trailer to move the load, which measured 11’ wide and 15’ tall and weighed 220,000 pounds.

Mr. Deptula buys SafeTruck OSL banners and flags primarily through Wisconsin Kenworth; however, he has bought a few at some truck stops along his hauling routes. Mr. Deptula said, “I like SafeTruck banners because they last much longer than any other banner I’ve used. In fact, I purchased another brand of banner and it lasted one day. At the end of the day, it was split in half! It is worth the extra money to buy a SafeTruck oversize load banners because they’re stronger and last a long time.”

Congratulations to Eric Deptula and thank you for sharing your successful heavy haul trips utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!