Congratulations to David Johnston, SafeTruck’s September 2012 Oversize Load Winner! Mr. Johnston is a driver for Carlile Transportation Systems in Fairbanks, Alaska. Carlile oilfield drivers have been featured on the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers”.

Mr. Johnston works in the general freight pool at Carlile, hauling “just about anything” and making runs three times a week from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Lately, he and his fellow drivers have been on a project moving pre-fab structures. He estimates there will be over 350 loads on this project alone in 2012. Alaska requires OVERSIZE signs front and rear, flags on the corners, and for night operations lights and reflective tape on corners and sides. The drivers at Carlile make good use of SafeTruck OSL and safety products, purchasing their oversize gear through the Kenworth dealership in Fairbanks.

The submitted pictures were taken by Mr. Johnston of his fellow drivers and their oilfield module moves. All were somewhere along the Dalton Highway going from Anchorage to the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay (approx. 800 miles north). Some loads were as heavy as 400,000 pounds gross weight and 24 to 26 feet wide. Heights ranged between 16 to 18 feet. In fact, the length of the load in the lower right picture was 145 feet with the truck, jeep, trailer and booster. The load also had two push trucks. Mr. Johnston told us, “The oilfield load hauls climb grades as steep as 12%, one after another, so teamwork and very well trained drivers are required. I am not boasting when I say our heavy haul people are the best.”

Congratulations David Johnston and the Carlile crew for many successful heavy haul trips utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!