Congratulations to our February 2014 SafeTruck Oversize Load Winner – David Honeycutt of Hale Boys Trucking Company, located in Corpus Christi, Texas! Mr. Honeycutt enjoys and likes using SafeTruck flags and banners. In fact, he introduced the SafeTruck quality to Hale Boys Trucking Company when he began working there! He learned about our OSL Picture Contest when he opened and unrolled his newly purchased banner and the entry form flew out. He chased it down and put it in his pocket. Mr. Honeycutt told us that he “hardly ever wins contests” and the he was very surprised when we notified him that his picture won.

Hale Boys utilize Freightliner trucks for their transportation jobs. In this instance, two Freightliners had to go pick up another company Freightliner and its load after it broke down about 20 miles from the shop! The load, weighing 15,000 pounds, was returned to the shop and then re-transported to its location. The Oversize Load Banners in the picture and all SafeTruck products used by Mr. Honeycutt and Hale Boys Trucking Company were purchased at Woody’s Fabrication & Tank Repair in Corpus Christi.

Congratulations to David Honeycutt and the team at Hale Boys Trucking Company for many successful heavy haul trips utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!