March is a good month for escort driver Danny Hill of Paramount Pilot Car who last won the contest in March 2009. This massive load was picked up from the Port of Duluth, MN after arriving from the Siemens factory in Copenhagen, Holland to be delivered to a wind farm just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The nacelle is the part of the wind turbine that houses the gearbox, drive train and control electronics on Siemens wind turbines. This unit was grossed out at 375,000 pounds and overall DIMS were 15 1/2’ H x 11’ W x 205’ L, requirering daylight only travel hours as well as metro restrictions. More good news is that Siemens is now building these “green machines” in Hutchins KS. Made in America, just like SafeTruck flags and banners.

Congratulations Danny Hill for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!