Driver Calvin Doddroe of C & L Trucking who contracts with Anderson Trucking recently completed the safe transport of a massive G.E. windmill blade to Goldendale, WA along I84 & US 97 in the Columbia River Gorge where large farms are harnessing the vast winds and creating the renewable “Green Energy” which is a real growth sector for the heavy haul wide load trucking industry. The 28,000 lbs blade was 149’ long x 11’ 9” wide and 5’ high, and he says this is a “mid size” blade…. Besides using SafeTruck wide load banners and flags, Calvin has an inventory of 16 Foxfire premium magnetic LED lights to keep him safe, visible and in compliance with regulatory statutes. Calvin buys SafeTruck products from our dealer PAGE BRAKE in PAUL , ID.

Congratulations Calvin Doddroe for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!