Congratulations to Brandon Widner of Nicholasville, Kentucky…SafeTruck’s June 2014 Oversize Load Contest Winner!

Mr. Widner is a driver for Robert’s Heavy Duty Towing, located in Nicholasville, KY and hauled all four loads pictured above!

Haul #1:  This load was a 5’ x 10’ 6” x 12’ house of a 324-E Excavator, weighing 20,000 pounds. Overall DIMs for this haul was 80’ long, 10’ 6” wide, 5’ tall and 75,000 pounds! The housing was transported from Lexington, KY to Maysville, KY and delivered to a rock quarry, where it was reassembled underground.

Haul #2:  Mr. Widner hauled a 150’ JLG Man Lift from Winchester, KY to Lexington, KY. The Lift itself weighed 70,000 pounds and with his rig, he had a combined weight of 125,000 pounds. Total DIMS for the truck and trailer was 10’ high, 12’ wide and 80’ long. Mr. Widner explained, “This was a hard one to load. It was too wide to drive the lift up on the trailer. I had to block the machine up then took a loader and maneuvered the trailer underneath the lift.”

Haul #3:  This load was an 80130 Link Belt Crane that was 48’ 10” long and 90,000 pounds. The truck and trailer was 80’ in length, but Mr. Widner had an overhang of 5’, so the combined load was 85’ long by 9’ 10” wide by 12’ 5” high, and 145,000 pounds. Mr. Widner said, “This was a pretty easy haul. Load, drive from Lexington, KY to Decatur, IL, and unload at the jobsite.”

Haul #4:  This haul was an 80130 Link Belt Crane with the same DIMS as Haul #3. Mr. Widner transported the crane from Lexington, KY to Jacksonville, FL, where he shipped it to a secured coastal port where in turn it was shipped overseas to Saudi Arabia.
For all his hauls, Mr. Widner uses SafeTruck Oversize Load Banners and Safety Flags. He purchases them through online web stores that sell SafeTruck products. Mr. Widner told us, “Over the years I have used SafeTruck products. They have proved to be the best around and more durable then competitor brands.”


Congratulations to Brandon Widner and thank you for sharing your successful heavy haul trips utilizing SafeTruck OSL banners and flags!