Congratulations to Alison Cardwell of Morgantown Freight, Inc. – SafeTruck’s January 2014 Oversize Load Winner! Morgantown Freight is located in Morgantown, Kentucky and specializes in long distance and heavy haul trucking.

The winning pictures are of an oversize steel bridge girder, weighing 134,000 pounds, which was transported from Morgantown, Kentucky to Granite City, Illinois. The overall dimensions of this heavy haul were 185’ long, 10’ wide and 15’ 8” tall with a total gross weight of 204,000 pounds!

SafeTruck Oversize Banners and Flags were used on the front and back of the heavy haul load and escort vehicles. Morgantown Freight purchased the SafeTruck products at a trade show.

Congratulations to Alison Cardwell and Morgantown Freight, Inc. for many successful heavy haul trips utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!