Congratulations to James Martin –  SafeTruck’s October 2016 Oversize Load Contest Winner!

Our October winner is James Martin, who hauls for BB Transport, LLC. In the top left image James is hauling a Mcormick Tractor measuring 10 ft. (W) x 10′ (H) and weighing in at 15,000 lbs. He hauled this equipment from Jamesburg, NJ to Timberville, VA. The top right image is him hauling a Houle manure tank which meaured 11 ft. (W) x 10 ft. 6 in. (H) and weighed about 20,000 lbs. He hauled this load from Elizabethtown, PA to Troy, PA. Lastly, the bottom image is 80 ft. roof trusses on a 70 ft. stretched trailer. This load measured 82 ft. long and 13 ft. 11 in. wide. Gross weight on that load was 80,000 pounds and he hauled it from Ephrata, PA to Lakewood, NJ. On all loads James used 2 SafeTruck Mesh Bungee Banners and 4 Orange Flags. James purchases his SafeTruck products from the Cumberland Truck Parts in Ephrata, PA. He mentioned that the thing he likes best are the SafeTruck OSL Banners with Bungee ends: “Just hook and go, as handy as a pocket in pants.”

Congratulations to James Martin…. and thank you for sharing your successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck OSL banners and flags!