Congratulations to Ruben Munoz…. March’s 2016 SafeTruck Oversize Load Contest Winner!

Our March winner is Ruben Munoz of El Paso, Texas. Mr. Munoz drives for Munoz Transportation.

The winning images are really cool hauls! The first submission is an image of him hauling a CAT 336E from Wagner Cat in El Paso to a job site in Denver, CO. The second image is of a monster truck he was showcasing for the KICKER monster truck per-show.

The DIMS on the excavator haul was 14’ 6” (H) x 11’ (W) x 74’ 6” (L) and weighed in at 150,000 pounds. The SafeTruck products used during this haul were two oversize load banners and flags on the front and back. He purchased the products online at EZ Truck Store which he mentioned had GREAT service!

Congratulations to Ruben Munoz…. and thank you for sharing your successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck OSL banners and flags!