Congratulations to William Agliano – SafeTruck’s October 2015 Oversize Load Contest Winner!

Our October winner is William Agliano, owner/operator of Ten Toes Transport located in Barto, Pennsylvania. His winning load was a pre-cast concrete bridge culvert, weighing 62,000 pounds and measuring 20’ long, 9’ wide and 9’ tall. Mr. Agliano transported the culvert 90 miles from where it was made in Spring City, PA to where it was installed in New Brunswick, NJ.

Mr. Agliano told us, “We use Safe Truck Products on our oversize loads because of the durability. They last much longer than any other flags or banners that we have used in the past! The color holds much better as well. Being an Owner/Operator, I find that your product is readily available at a lot of locations.

Congratulations to William Agliano…. and thank you for sharing your successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck OSL banners and flags!