June 2010 Contest Winner

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Frankie David from Branch Highways, Inc. www.branchhighways.com is the June 2010 Oversize Load Winner. Moving a John Deere 800C Excavator, this rig was 78’ 1” long, 13’4” wide and 13’8” high. The load was too wide to fit on the scales but the estimated weight was over 96,000 lbs. Branch Highways driver Frankie David picked the equipment up from a dealer in Salem, VA and hauled it to the job site in Wytheville, VA where it will be moving over three million cubic yards of dirt for preparation of a major business park project. Branch Highways buys their Ms. Carita SafeTruck flags and banners from Napa Auto Parts.

Congratulations Frankie David for a successful heavy haul trip utilizing SafeTruck oversize banners and flags!

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