Flag Brackets / Magnets


Great for temporary or removable mounts. Two clamps per flag recommended for highway use. Extruded aluminum with stainless steel bolts. P/N: FBC101


Simple and easy method for mounting to O.D. signs, bumpers and trailers. Bolt on flag mount. Galvanized pipe with zinc plated hardware.
Drilling required. P/N: FBP101

Flag Straps with Swivel Snap Hook

The perfect solution for hanging safety flags on the end of any long load. This 48" red nylon strap with a cam buckle and steel swivel snap hook easily straps around logs, pipes, wood and more.
P/N: MSFS48 (48 Inches Long), MSFS12 (12 Foot Long)

  • Strong 1" wide red polyester web strap, available in 48” and 12’ lengths
  • Metal cam buckle with teeth, sewn into strap for added strength
  • Steel swivel snap hook designed to securely hold wire loop and grommet flags in place on the strap
  • Works with SafeTruck’s wire loop safety flags


Great for attaching our wire flags to trailers, machinery and flat steel surfaces. Three sizes of chrome cup magnets with 80 - 120 lbs. of pull on 1/2” steel. Locking wing nut prevents flag from coming loose on the road.

Flag Mag Part Number List
MF101 2.625" 0.280" 80 Lb 80 LB FLAG MAG W/HARDWARE
MF101-R 2.625" 0.280" 80 Lb 80 LB FLAG MAG W/HARDWARE Retail Ready
MF180 3.20" 0.280" 110 Lb 110 LB FLAG MAG W/HARDWARE
MF185 3.79" 0.380" 120 Lb 120 LB FLAG MAG W/HARDWARE

Ceramic Magnet

Common Applications

  • Antenna mounts
  • Work lamp bases
  • Emergency light holders
  • Vehicles flag holders
  • Sign and banner holders


Standard round base magnet assemblies are made with ceramic magnets and steel cups. The magnets are magnetized together with the casings to create a holding force that is up to 32 times stronger than an individual ceramic magnet. Pull strength is measured on a flat 0.375” thick steel plate. If your steel is thinner, coated or the surface is rough or rusty, the pull may vary.

Neodymium rare earth magnets are extremely powerful and are nickel plated with a protective cover.

Round Base Magnet Part Number List
RB75 2.625" 0.280" 80 Lb 80 LB ROUND BASE MAGNET
RB50-NEO 2.030" 0.187" 90 Lb 90 LB NEODYMIUM MAGNET W / COVER
RB80 3.20" 0.280" 110 Lb 110 LB ROUND BASE MAGNET
RB85 3.79" 0.380" 120 Lb 120 LB ROUND BASE MAGNET
RB90 4.90" 0.500" 210 Lb 210 LB ROUND BASE MAGNET

Neodymium Magnet

Please use caution when handling Round Base magnets. Their exceptional magnetic force may cause them to attract to metal (or to each other) so strongly that putting fingers in their path could prove painful.

All magnet ratings based on Manufacturer's data.
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